Rendez-Vous Moon. The night star in its best light


The moon and its many faces - Queen of the night and of the dawn - have long inspired the watchmakers of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Until now the moon was reserved for pieces of the finest jewellery of the Rendez-Vous collection, but for the first time the iconic moon phase feature now adorns the newest models of the Rendez-Vous collection.

Rendez-Vous Moon Medium

An iconic timekeeping function, interpreted for women

Available in steel or rose gold, the Rendez-Vous Moon Medium includes a moon phase, with its finely worked elliptical guilloché appearing both on the dial and on the disk that bears the moon phase itself.

Moon phase in the limelight

With a time lag of only one day every 972 years, the moon phase function boasts the ultimate precision. The glistening moon has a sandy finish, lending it a surprising sense of depth. An inspired way for the Manufacture’s craftspeople to faithfully reproduce the varying faces of the moon with its reflections and changing colours as the hours pass. This very feminine model also enjoys the subtle addition of a hand indicating the seconds.


Rendez-Vous Moon

A dramatic entrance for rose gold

The first appearance of rose gold in this exceptional 36mm timepiece is enhanced with one of the signatures of the Métiers Rares™ of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture – the gem setting. Its golden dial, burning with the brightness of a thousand fires, is the backdrop for a tender pearl moon and a watch that is feminine in the extreme, its hue reminiscent of a dawning day, as the sun rises in a cloudless sky.

A pearl moon, with rose gold and diamonds on a bed of satin

On this elaborate timepiece, the ultimate in femininity down to every last detail, both the bezel and the rim of the case are entirely set with brilliant cut diamonds. To enhance the reflections of this radiant crown, a further 26 diamonds nestle discreetly in a semi circle above the hour numbers, which in turn make way to be replaced by an exquisite pearl moon in a sky filled with stars. With only a one day time lag every 972 years, the moon phase is a timekeeping function of rare precision. On the edge of the dial, the star, a signature of the Rendez-Vous line, offers a discreet reminder of the time of a future rendez-vous.