Jaeger-LeCoultre continues film restoration projects in partnership with the Shanghai International Film Festival

For over 10 years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been closely associated with the best film festivals around the world, including the notable Shanghai International Film Festival. This year witnesses the brand’s 8th year of partnership with the event, as well as the continuation of their joint project: the restoration of old films. The art of time and the universe of film have long been intertwined, and as such every year Jaeger-LeCoultre invests energy into this restoration project in the hope of passing on its valuable cultural heritage to future generations.

A unique timepiece, auctioned to safeguard cinematographic heritage

To continue its grand support of the film restoration project, Jaeger-LeCoultre presented a classic timepiece to be auctioned at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival. All proceeds will be used to finance the next restorations of classic Chinese films that have left a mark on the history of cinema. The specially crafted ‘Rendez-Vous Night & Day Tribute to Cinema Pièce Unique SIFF 2018’ has conveyed the spirit and artistic aesthetics of the Grande Maison, based in the Vallée de Joux, in the Swiss Jura Mountains. With a diamond-set rose gold case, red dial and alligator strap, it embodies the charisma of feminine mystique and style of elegance. The distinctive day & night indicator at 6 o'clock, sings an ode to the beauty of time and the engagement of Jaeger-LeCoultre with Cinema.

The art of restoration, a reflection of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s excellence

Over the past eight years, Jaeger-LeCoultre, in collaboration with the Shanghai International Film Festival, has restored dozens of Chinese classics from the 1930s and 1940s, such as: A Spring River Flows East, Stage Sisters, and later Hong Kong films like A Better Tomorrow and Endless Love, as well as the art film Outside the Window, screened at Shanghai last year. With its 185 years of continuous innovation in the watchmaking industry, Jaeger-LeCoultre is very sensitive to the preservation of historical works of art and the conservation of craftsmanship.

Covered in dust over the passage of time, a classic film represents a collective memory and the dream of a generation. With modern technology, film restoration specialists dust away sprinkles of time, revealing the glamour underneath. Even with digital technologies, film restoration still relies very much on the hands of the specialists- artisans who remain essential on the path to the preservation of classics and valuable heritage. They are holders of a traditional craft, a true cinematographic art. Restoration removes the visual and audio roughness of the old film while presenting a refined watching experience and an aged memory refreshed.

Painting Soul, the restoration of a legendary Chinese film

In 2018, legendary biographical film Painting Soul, the latest work restored by the Grande Maison, was screened at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival. The film is based on a novel by Shi Nan which tells the story of Chinese painter, Pan Yuliang. Gong Li brings the main character to life with her enriched portrayal of Pan’s sophisticated and independent personality. The brand has been committed to supporting China’s cinematic endeavours by making its own contributions to protecting Chinese film cultural heritage. At the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre invited guests from all over the world to witness the flourishing Chinese cinematic landscape and support Chinese filmmaking talents. The brand will continue its steadfast commitment to the film restoration project to push forward the development of cinematic art and bestow the legacy for generations to come.

The restoration of Painting Soul corrected the degradation and blinking issues suffered by the film due to ageing, while significantly improving the clarity, image contrast and painting texture as well as the enhancing sound effects. It might be easy to restore the brightness of an old film but to revive its toning and original quality takes artistic sense and knowledge. Zheng Dasheng, the son of the director of Painting Soul and also a renowned director, led and guided the restoration. Family affection allows filmmakers from different generations to imbue old films with new life and to give new artistic interpretations to a fading memory. Another classic has been brought back to life thanks to tremendous efforts from Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Shanghai International Film Festival and numerous film restoration specialists.

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